Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Ultimate Convertible Experience

Kokopelli Native American Family Vacation Pickup Truck
I recently added the 'Kokopelli Family Vacation' to my Native American line, which now exceeds 50 images. While drawing this, I recalled my own open-air rides as a kid. It's illegal now, of course, even though I will do it again if I get the chance. Heh heh. All of my Kokopelli images are available here. Other contact info is below.

I also create one-of-a-kind caricatures, cartoon logos and cartoon advertisments.

 Visit my website, email me, call (517) 975-5549, or visit my stores;Cafe Press, Zazzle,
Kokopelli Korner, Brocades and Accolades, and Goosing Mother Goose.

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